Fire Alarm Inspection & Maintenance

Red fire alarm on a wallEMCOR Services Scalise Industries (ESSI) provides fire system and equipment inspection and maintenance for businesses of virtually any size or type.

Whether your facility is a small retail store, a high-rise hotel, a large industrial plant, or anything in between, we will be there to service all of your fire systems.

Our technicians can perform inspections on the following systems and equipment: 

  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Fire alarm and detection systems 
  • Fire extinguishers and suppression systems 
  • Fire pumps 
  • Special hazards
  • Clean agents 
  • Kitchen suppression 
  • Backflow inspection and rebuilds
  • Fire hose inspection

Fire Alarm System Inspection and Maintenance

Our NICET-certified technicians can inspect, service, and test your fire alarm system at regularly scheduled intervals and provide preventive maintenance to keep your system fully operational and code compliant. ESSI’s technicians have the ability to service a variety of manufacturer’s products, not just those we install.

Our inspection and periodic maintenance plans conform to: 

  • NFPA code requirements
  • State and local codes
  • Insurance company standards

ESSI uses a cloud-based platform for all of our inspection reports. Our technicians utilize smartphones and tablets to capture and document each site visit and provide you with an electronic inspection form. All electronic inspection forms are accessible any time via our Property Owner Portal. Our NFPA-compliant inspection reports ensure each inspection is done correctly. 

Fire Extinguisher Services

ESSI’s fire extinguisher service equips you with important extinguisher information—such as the correct number, size, and types of extinguishers you need—and performs routine, scheduled inspection, testing, and annual maintenance. 

Our team can provide the following fire extinguisher services: 

  • Monthly inspections
  • On-site employee training
  • Facility surveys
  • Loaner programs
  • On-site charging and maintenance
  • New fire extinguisher sales

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