RTU/AHU Repair & Replacement

EMCOR Services Scalise Industries (ESSI) provides proactive HVAC equipment assessment, planning, and repair and replacement services designed to help keep your rooftop units (RTU) and air handling units (AHU) running reliably. 

Our RTU and AHU services include:

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Retrofit
  • Upgrade
  • Replacement
  • Preventive maintenance

Equipment Assessment

Our service team starts by assessing your existing HVAC equipment and system components. We create an organized asset/equipment list that can be used to help prioritize needed repairs and replacements.

Proactive Strategy 

Next, our team will work with you to develop a forward-thinking plan, customized to your specific needs. 

The plan includes: 

  • On-going maintenance of all equipment as per manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Performing repairs when required 
  • Identifying equipment slated for replacement based on age and condition 
  • Prioritizing replacements, considering factors such as criticality, industry conditions (scarcity of R22, for example), or others

Planned Replacements 

For qualifying equipment, the best choice is to replace the unit as soon as funding allows, but now there is even more urgency for the following reasons: 

  • Equipment costs have risen 40% or more since 2021 and are expected to continue rising. 
  • Equipment lead times are very long due to ongoing supply chain issues. 
  • Starting in 2025, new HVAC equipment will require new A2L refrigerants, which are “slightly flammable,” further increasing costs.

For best-value, turnkey commercial HVAC services designed to enhance equipment operational performance and energy savings, ESSI is here to help.

Contact us today for all of your rooftop/air handling unit needs.